First slide title

This is the Slider Widget!

Edit it at Appearance > Widgets > Header > Slider Widget. To change the image, upload an image named "slide1.png" at Media > Add New. Hover here to pause the slider.
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Second slide title

This is the second slide header title

Slide 2 content goes here. You can control the slide duration and settings via theme options at "ClickBump 5 > Layout > Slider". To change the image, upload an image named "slide2.png" at Media > Add New
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Third slide title

You've just seen the ClickBump Slider Widget

Customize it at "ClickBump > Layout > Slider".

To edit the slides, go to "Appearance > Widgets > Header > Slider Widget"

The 3D Slider Effect Explained

Could this be the World's Fastest Website? If its not, its close. 99/100 on Google Pagespeed. Click the Link in the header menu to test it.

.clickbump_slider dd,.clickbump_slider dl{overflow:visible !important}

If you want to replicate the header layout as above, add this to your custom css:
.header{background-position:25px 0}
.siteTitle a, .tagline {text-indent:385px;margin-top:10px;text-shadow:0 5px 15px #fff,0 0 6px #fff}

The slider images have been created as PNGs with transparent backgrounds. In order to pop out of the top they must be taller than the slider. That’s the key to pulling off this effect. You can do this all using the free photoshop clone at

Tip: once you’ve created your PNG’s, head over to and run them through the optimizer before uploading them to your site. In most cases, it will reduce the filesize by 50% without loss of quality.

You can have style AND speed in one package.

With ClickBump 5, you can create any website look you can dream and you don’t have to accept bloated code and sluggish site performance. ClickBump 5 is the World’s Fastest WordPress Theme.

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